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Welcome to Xynrgy

I'm Nicole, the creator of Xynrgy, created with the purpose of giving people support through their life, wherever they are in the world, through a simple, lighthearted approach to yoga.

Xynrgy gives you everything you need to cope with struggles and strains of everyday life, as well as bigger struggles, when life really does feel like it's too much.

What is it and what does it do?

I've created this system taking into account how you feel physically, to stop pain and exhaustion and create some relief,and how you feel emotionally, to give you a way to feel like you're in control again.

There is another way to do things without feeling like you're struggling and forcing your way through.

This is done via a unique online program with a personalised approach so you never feel like you have to cope alone, through workshops and retreats, as well as local classes.

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Yoga Online with Nicole

  • Stressed and can't find a way to unwind?
  • Definitely don't have time to go out to a class?
  • Not flexible enough for yoga?

Tell me more

I've created an online yoga program just for you.

Yoga your way, in your time at your level in your surroundings.

The next page explains the special pre launch offer but there is no obligation to sign up once you watch the free videos.

Local classes

I offer local classes in Devon, based around the Blackdown Hills AONB.

Find out more by visiting Yoga Blackdown Hills.

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